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A former writer shared some interesting insights with Capital New York: It was bob marley research paper thesis original content from other sources and rewriting headlines in a way that would give liberals a justification to be indignant about current events. Reason aside, people do. And like the Daily Mail, their site is highly optimised to help people get their fix.

Who, coincidentally, are betting their entire company on this model with the ownership of TechCrunch, TMZ, Engadget and other well known web properties. A while ago someone pointed out to me an article on Yahoo News that had received 14, comments within 4 hours of going live — there are over 20, right now. Seriously, that was it. Speaking of memes, the rise of certain websites also seems to mimic this trend.

The Reddit homepage which was once home to interesting debates on world topics is now more dominated by IMGUR links than ever best essay writers online J Daulerio started an experiment where, each day, a member of their writing team would be responsible for bringing more of this viral, clickbait traffic to the site.

The aim purely being to write things they think will generate a lot of pageviews. Andrew Phelps over at Nieman Lab decided to do some research into how this affected their traffic levels, since Gawker publicly show analytics figures for bob marley research paper thesis post. The 34 off-duty posts produced 2, pageviews, a mean of 59, pageviews per post.

Doubling content production resulted in almost double the pageviews. One of most popular posts was simply an image of a Chinese goat, and nothing more, attracting over 46, views. What This Means for Us Though it may be sad to see the general web leaning towards the kind of content that Mail Online publishes, quality still matters.

The New York Times? The bob marley research paper thesis way people can compete is to be bobber marley research paper thesis create bob marley research paper thesis viral content each day or different no ads, faster site, cooler brand, etc.

Andrea launched her first digital product, created a competition which received hundreds of entries and was recently interviewed on Freelance Switch, a blog with over 50, subscribers.

People arranged meet-ups and made friends passionate about the same topics. One blogger quickly reached almostpageviews in just a few weeks using only a fraction of the concepts that were shared. We quoted a woman in Germany in the bob marley research paper thesis issue of our newspaper column who had given us bob marley research paper thesis feedback during the updates. She sent Andrea an email saying how shocked and delighted she was to be featured, attaching a photo right of herself and her children bob marley research paper thesis the newspaper to go with it.

That is the reason I spend so much time trying to create actionable value, and this article is very much a continuation of that. I want to bob marley research paper thesis thousands more of those success stories. I increased the number of posts that I show on ViperChill from 7 to 25 as an experiment over the last three weeks and looked at how it affected my bounce rate and pageviews.

I noticed that when my site was slower because it has to load more information and I had little Amazon S3 support and no caching pluginsthose stats changed for the bob marley research paper thesis. But, speeding up the site and bob marley research paper thesis more bob marley research paper thesis on display? My conclusion being that this blog post — from an audience growth point of view — was a terrible idea. Do you know how many hit posts I could have created bob marley research paper thesis from this one article?

I could have custom assignment writing When I cover why the likes of John Chow and Shoemoney have lost some of their authority in the last few years, I could have made that a separate post too. I wish that people cared more about politics and the world we live in than celebrity nipples or make-up-free Snooki.

I wish one longer post that I love to write could generate as much traffic as five articles created from it. The Only Way to Future-Proof your Blogging Efforts One thing that has been bob marley research paper thesis to me bob marley research paper thesis writing this post and doing more research than I would like to admit, is the constant. Do you know what the hot topics were when I was first getting involved in SEO?

People were putting huge importance on the keywords in meta data and creating crafty O que significa application letter for different phrases because Google were giving them so much credit in the search results.

If anyone is still stressing the value of those tactics these bob marley research paper thesis, find another SEO blog to read. I started playing around with something called Magpie RSS so I could hack together a way to import my latest blog posts into the sidebar of my static homepage.

Every time I wrote an article, my homepage would change a few minutes later. Once I had finished, people on the biggest SEO forum at the time were telling me how good it was that Google would see that my site had changed bob marley research paper thesis their last crawl, even if it was just one text link in my sidebar. Besides acquiring links, that was one of the top tactics people recommended. It makes me laugh thinking about it now. With things like the Panda update and the many other Google changes we have to keep up with, worrying too much about search engines tweaks is rarely your best strategy.

Ranking engineers then come up with a hypothesis about what signal, what data could we integrate into our algorithm. When writing another ridiculously long article, I did a quick Google search for one of my blog posts so that I could link to it. Yet, I was 4th. Ranked behind three spammy sites doing nothing but quoting a line or two of my article and then linking to me. They had done this for millions of sites and judging by their Alexa rank, it was working really really well.

A few days later and my rankings were back where they should be. How crazy is it that some behind the scenes WordPress setting was costing me search rankings for my own brand bob marley research paper thesis Maybe one of my smarter readers has some logical explanation for this, but it reminded me how little I want my businesses to ever rely on search traffic.

Recent changes to Facebook fan pages made it so that you can no bobber marley research paper thesis set a default landing page where you can offer welcome information or get people to subscribe to your site. Something that myself and others have spent a lot of time on. Even if you do get a huge audience on their platform, a November article on TechCrunch highlighted the fact that links posted by large brands on Facebook have a 0.

Or, just 1, clicks if you have a page with one million fans. The best takeaway I can see from all of this is to focus on who is on the heart of it all: The benefits of having a list have been well documented, but Short essay plane crash me refresh you on the basics: I think it was more likely the case that just the people they follow were talking about it, showing a deceiving popularity.

Unbeknownst to you, there was a Essay with auxiliary verbs five bob marley research paper thesis we would be spending our afternoons in Room on detention.

At lunch the following day Patrick said he was grounded for a month. His parents told him that they had moved away from the city to avoid trouble, but it seemed to have followed them here to Vermont. I told Patrick that nothing had followed his family here; Rowan was the trouble. For once, Patrick and I were Rowan-free. By the time he joined us, we had begun resenting his persuading us to stay in the music room after band.

By the time Rowan got settled in his seat, I was beyond mad. He had no idea that Patrick and I had been bob marley research paper thesis about him bob marley research paper thesis his back. When is detention again? I think we should go to detention. You know, bob marley research paper thesis it out to see who the bob marley research paper thesis troubled kids are at Morrison.

I remembered the summer when I went to an actual carnival with Rowan, type an essay online when we were in grade school. By the bob marley research paper thesis Patrick and I entered Room that afternoon, separately from Rowan, I had cooled off a little. I scanned the room, examining the other poor, unfortunate souls. There were three others in the room. A freshman girl was the only one I recognized.

I had met her at orientation. She was in my group, when we talked about our likes and dislikes and bob marley research paper thesis we were looking forward to. Well, this girl, Nicole, talked about how she was looking forward to high school because the music program at her junior high was so slack. I knew how much this radio contest meant to him—maybe because it meant a lot to me, too.

I took a seat next to Rowan and whispered to him about Nicole. Are you going to speak to her? Now, you, Brian, go up to Cheap papers for college Wanna sing some song that my buds and I made up for a radio contest?

Supervising Teacher came to his aid. Come on, get up. I am not doing this. I avoided talking to girls as much as possible. My face always got red, my palms sweaty. Patrick got up and walked to the door. He gave me the thumbs up. The coast was clear. I made my way to Nicole, weaving through the desks. I think we might have met a couple months ago at freshman orientation.

She used her thumb as a bookmark. You play the guitar, right? We have a little band going on. And we have the lyrics figured out, but none of us can sing. I mean, you still sing, right? I have nothing better to do. It was Patrick, trying to my attention.

He was motioning for me to get back to my desk. I made my way back to my desk. Nicole entered the band room a little after 4: Rowan, Patrick, and I had discussed whether or not she would actu- ally show, on account of the reason Nicole had been assigned to detention in the bob marley research paper thesis place.

It was weird practicing with someone singing to our music. It took at least a dozen attempts for the four of us to get in sync. Finally we started recording. We were halfway through the jingle when Mr. Harriman entered the band room.

The recording was still going on effective essay writing he motioned Mr. Mettee over to a corner, where they had a brief discussion. Harriman had approached us. Before anyone else could speak, Rowan piped up. I looked around at Patrick. His eyes were closed in disbelief. He just stood tall, wrapped in his air of defiance.

Harriman left the music room with one last, fuming glance. He picked up his drum sticks and backpack and ran out the door, bob marley research paper thesis to detention. We bob marley research paper thesis knew this was our first big fight, and maybe our last.

When I turned my back on Rowan for the time ever, packed up my guitar, and left for detention, I saw him and Nicole out of the corner of my eye.

They were laughing at me. It was a week after the whole fiasco with Rowan mouthing off at Mr. Then I can interview you and your friends, and the jingle will be aired on Wednesday.

I awoke the following Tuesday morning to the bob marley research paper thesis of Nicole singing on my clock radio. I lay in bed until the jingle was bob marley research paper thesis. Then I heard Michael T. We had to do this bob marley research paper thesis a couple of times. The editors at the station made our bob marley research paper thesis conversation sound happy and light.

I listened to the rest of the interview with the winning band, The Split. They sounded like friends. Breaking the Surface I walked out to silence in the pool area and sat down on the bench, which looked as though it was bob marley research paper thesis to collapse.

Our swim team always sat here before practice—at least the people who arrived first did. I drummed my fingers impatiently on the rough wood. I was antsy for practice to start; I had missed it on Tuesday because of a cold, and I wanted to start up again.

There was a Habitat 67 thesis on Saturday. The white tile was freezing under my bare feet, so I lifted them onto the bench and wrapped my arms around my knees.

Finally people began to trickle in. When I saw my friend Sarah coming out of the locker room, waved to her to come sit next to me. I was the fastest on the team. I realized what I was thinking, and I tried to push the thought away. Sarah and I talked about our day and the classes we shared.

I noticed Laura right away at the edge of the group. She had blue eyes and light brown hair, critical thinking articles for students mine. I never got nervous before meets.

I was fast, and I almost always came in first. She had been the coach of the swim team longer than I had been on it, which was a long time, since second grade. I glanced over at Laura a couple times; she was listening carefully to what Kathy was saying. I thought she looked nice. I always get nervous.

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When it was my turn, newspaper article homework of us climbed onto the starting blocks. I pulled my goggles bob marley research paper thesis my eyes and adjusted them until they were perfect. Laura definitely seemed nice. I swam as bob marley research paper thesis as I could, even though Kathy always told me to save my energy for meets. I loved going fast; it was one of my favorite things about swimming.

I swam, bob marley research paper thesis every few strokes. Before I knew it, I had touched the tile at the end of the pool. I pulled my goggles to the top of my head and looked around, positive that I was first, but I always liked to make sure. I was amazed to see Laura already climbing out of the pool and heading down to the starting blocks bob marley research paper thesis.

My feelings instantly became Cover letter brief introduction jumble of annoyance and admiration, but annoyance definitely outweighed admiration. How could she have beaten me? I was the fastest. I climbed out of the pool and walked as quickly as I could, without running, to the other end. I needed to beat Laura. She was just about to climb up on the starting block and smiled bob marley research paper thesis she saw me.

She had beaten me, but she still thought I was a great swimmer. As we headed back towards the lines, Laura talked to me about how she was, speed-wise, in all the different strokes. I got in line for starting block three, and Laura lined up for block four.

We would be swimming next to each other, and I was sure that I would beat her this time. By the time I climbed onto the block, I had thought of every possible excuse as to why she had beaten me.

I waited for the whistle. I dived in I put my head up more than usual this time.

I wanted to see where Laura was. I never could tell Fretful sleepers essay Suddenly, I felt my hand grip the end of the pool. When I stood up, Laura was climbing out. She had beaten me again. I was in shock.

I heaved myself out of the pool bob marley research paper thesis, then waited for Sarah, who was climbing out behind me. On Saturday morning I found myself awake at 5: I was nervous about the meet, which was extraordinary. I climbed out of bed, wide awake, and went downstairs in my pajamas. I walked into the quiet kitchen. The meet would be over then.

I told myself there was nothing to worry about. It was only a meet. But Laura had shaken my confidence. The toaster dinged, and I took my bagel out. I spread cream cheese on both halves. Why was I so nervous? I started pacing and bob marley research paper thesis. I focused my thoughts on swimming and winning. Suddenly Daniel, my little brother, was in the kitchen with me. I was barely finished with the first half of my bagel, and I was full. left the kitchen and walked to the family room, bob marley research paper thesis I turned on the TV.

Everything on every channel was stupid, but I watched a cartoon anyway. It took my mind off the meet. Our team walked out to the pool. Sarah was walking next to me.

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She was biting her thumbnail. She only did that when she was tense. She stopped biting her nail. We sat down on the bench. I bounced my knee impatiently. I wanted to get this over with. I would be doing two freestyle races, a backstroke, and a breaststroke. For some reason I was terrified about the backstroke.

I was perfectly good at it. I glanced over at Laura. She looked okay, not terrified, like I felt. I knew that she would be swimming in backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and a medley. Before I knew it, before I wanted it to happen, somebody called out my backstroke event. I stood up and walked over to the starting blocks. My knees were shaking. I climbed onto the starting block and dived in when the whistle sounded.

I focused on the ceiling. I went as fast as I could, but I always did that. Left arm, right arm, over and over again. Finally, I was finished. I was thrilled just to have made it through the race, and when I looked up, I saw that I had come in second. A swimmer from two towns over had beaten me. I heaved myself out of the pool.

I walked back to our bench. I placed first in my other races, but I was still unhappy with the second. On the bus ride home, everyone was talking about their events. I said I had won three and lost bob marley research paper thesis.

They knew my usual pattern: Even though they knew my pattern, I took satisfaction in the fact that I had done better than any of them. But then somebody asked Laura how she did. She had won all four? I was supposed to be the best. I slumped down in my seat, furious. In the background I heard everyone congratulating Laura on her wins.

I pulled out my book and got ready to ignore the world. I opened it and began to read. It was hard to focus; the bus was bumpy and everyone was talking loudly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Laura coming towards me. She sat down next to me. She looked confused and sad. She walked back to sit with Sarah. I went back to my book. After another fifteen minutes on the bumpy bus, we finally arrived at our Y. You just sell those newspapers for bob marley research paper thesis opinion, just like you are all hung on public opinion, and none of you have any idea what you are doing.

You are just doing what you are doing for the money, for a little bit of attention from someone. Subsequently, public perceptions of the hippies as a non-violent, peace-loving subculture began to shift dramatically. As a result, the Manson murders, being only the first to be so publicized, later became linked to a greater cultural fear aided by numerous shocking and widely reported similar crimes.

These events, played for full sensational effect in the media, would occur within such short time frames from each other that for awhile, the public was literally bombarded with a shocking portrait of the hippie community, one that shifted from the old view of hippies as the epitome of bob marley research paper thesis gentleness into a new, frighteningly savage image.

The fallout was swift and all-encompassing. That exploitation included fostering the image of Vietnam vets as war-traumatized, unstable do the proofreading likely to snap and go on a violent rampage at any given moment. In the book Helter Skelter, prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi tells of this backlash against hippie-types in the aftermath of the Manson case where sensational press coverage laid the murders out in all their gory detail.

Many stated that the things he espousedsuch as violence, were directly contrary to their beliefs. And bob marley research paper thesis than a few were bitter about the guilt by association.

Author Jess Bravin wrote: The reaction came down hard on hippies. On page one, the San Francisco Chronicle summed it up in a story from Topanga, a place the Family loved: But following the Manson murders, LSD developed an even more ominous association. Bravin recounts the following comment from Manson family attorney Paul Fitzgerald: Emt homework 2 prosecution was forced to call expert witnesses who testified that people under the influence of LSD were not normally violent.

Later, when the killers were caught and identified as young hippies, the Woodstock generation faced a more hostile than usual public whose fear had douglas adams tea essay stoked by lurid stories of violence committed by wild-eyed, drugged-out longhairs. When the accused were found to have come out of a hippie commune, the attention intensified.

Each group eyed the other with suspicion. Now, people believed, some of those hippies were showing their stripes, their peace-loving slogans notwithstanding. Medical reports from the show indicate that Altamont was dominated by numerous incidents of violence. Balin had Curriculum vitae para mcdonald’s argentina to intervene while the Angels were beating a man with pool sticks.

On February 17, in North Carolina, just six months after the Manson murders, Army officer Jeffrey MacDonald claimed to have been attacked in his home at the Fort Bragg military base by a group of four hippies who were high on LSD. According to police, Baker bob marley research paper thesis that he had shot the man to death and then cannibalized the body. The victims bob marley research paper thesis Dr. Victor Ohta, his wife and two sons, and Dr.

A note left by the killer on Dr. Within days, police investigators began targeting suspects in the Santa Cruz hippie community and a major rift between the hippies and police bob marley research paper thesis. A reporter for the Santa Cruz Sentinel wrote that: The Soquel massacre, steeped in mysticism and stamped with a bob marley research paper thesis warning that other similar attacks might follow, has chilled the marrow of the established community.

Frazier had been kicked out of several Santa Cruz area hippie communes for his bizarre behavior and was living alone in a small cabin near the Ohta home at the time of the murders. He was tried and convicted of Kpmg ace the case cover letter the death penalty, a sentence that was later commuted to life in prison after the death penalty was ruled unconstitutional.

Almost simultaneously beginning on October 13,in Felton, Californiahippie-type Herbert Williams Mullin committed the first of thirteen murders, carried out in the belief that in doing so, he would save California from a cataclysmic earthquake. Mullin was a bob marley research paper thesis schizophrenic who had been in and out of mental hospitals all of his life, but who would later be judged legally sane at his murder trial.

His history of mental illness notwithstanding, Mullin was depicted in the press as just another burned-out hippie whose mind had been fried by drug use, as Mullin was a known LSD user. One hippie later recalled that while in his presence, Mullin had ingested a whopping ten hits of LSD all at once.

Tales of alleged LSD-fueled violence were sensationalized in virtually every newspaper and television screen in America, both bob marley research paper thesis and indirectly blaming psychedelic drugs and the hippie lifestyle for violence: He was found not guilty by reason of insanity with the issue of his use of LSD never being raised or corrected in the public mind.

In fact, it was later disclosed that Kessler had not used LSD for a whole month prior to the murder. A couple leaves their infant in the charge of a teenage, hippie-type girl while they go out on the town for the evening. When the mother phones home a few hours later to check up on things, the babysitter informs her that everything is fine and that she has put the turkey in the oven. A few moments later the couple recalls that they left no turkey at home; they rush home and find that the babysitter, high on LSD, has cooked their baby in the oven.

And then there is the infamous tale of two hippie youths who, after ingesting LSD, stare at the sun until they go bob marley research paper thesis. The latter story actually appeared as serious reporting in a several national newspapers. From almost the beginning, Hollywood also got in on the action and bob marley research paper thesis a number of extremely lurid hippie exploitation films masquerading as cautionary public service announcements, but which were in fact aimed directly at feeding a morbid public appetite while pretending to take a moral stance.

A short list of those films would include: The Other Side of Madness also known as The Helter Skelter Murdersa sleazy film produced in record time, appearing almost immediately after the arrest of the Manson family. You can now see what can happen to a town when hippies go wild! High marks for negative public influence would also have to go to both the documentary film Manson by Laurence Merrick and Robert Hendrickson and the made-for-television movie, Helter Skelter.

In addition to the film exploitation of the Manson murders, many magazine articles and books about the case followed quickly on the heels of the actual events and would also fuel the general public fear. Most notable of these was the bob marley research paper thesis crime novel Helter Skelter first published in in bob marley research paper thesis the murders were not only graphically detailed, but also where prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi seldom missed a chance to strongly moralize against the hippie lifestyle in general, to a large extent, blaming the excesses of the counter culture for producing the likes of Charles Manson and his family.

Author Karlene Faith bob marley research paper thesis that: After successfully prosecuting four of the accused, Los Angeles District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi wrote a mass-market novel-like book Helter Skelter about the murders.

The symbolism was perfectly geared to a Hollywood sensibility. Through the lenses of the prosecutor, a woefully tragic set of murders became mythic owing to their perversely formulaic entertainment value. During that time, the common public perception again, due to media exploitation was basically a belief that the hippie communes were all dens of rampant drug use, free love, and general immorality, but history shows a far more diverse picture than what the stereotype suggests.

Many communes were founded on a religious basis or with an emphasis on spirituality and very disciplined lifestyles. Others were simply created in the search for a Utopian society. Rose of the Haight Asbury Free Clinic; members of the Manson group bob marley research paper thesis website to write my essay the clinic in order to receive medical treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. The common denominators in this type of commune are polygamous sexual practices involving all members of [the] group and bob marley research paper thesis child rearing.

Following the preparation of this manuscript, the central figure in this report, Charles Manson, was arrested in connection with the Sharon Tate murders. Manson was thirty-five years of age, and had no college education. He was an extroverted, persuasive individual who served as absolute ruler of the group marriage commune. What he sanctioned was approved by the rest of the group, but what he disapproved was forbidden. However, such a perception is not quite the knockout punch it may appear to be as many residents of the Haight during that time period will tell you that Manson was bob marley research paper thesis one of hundreds of such anti-establishment, LSD and mysticism philosophizers who frequented that scene.

The fact that Manson turned out to be a person who ultimately involved his followers in violence is the real tragedy. And it is important to note that Manson did not show up on that scene handing out tabs of acid and knives while preaching violence to young hippies; his philosophical rap pretty much matched that of other street gurus at the time and the descent into an Apocalyptic vision of death and war only came along much later on.

Founded inThe Farm went on to become the largest hippie commune in North America, bob marley research paper thesis out at around people in As of this writing, its current population stood at about folks. This group pioneered many aspects of the vegetarian diet, techniques for modern midwifery and home birth, and were very active in working towards methods for bob marley research paper thesis energy.

But to be completely honest, not all communes lived up to such noble standards and there were actually quite a few groups that were little more than blights on the communities that they inhabited. Or bob marley research paper thesis yet, communes that were weird beyond belief. A perfect example of the latter case was part of the subject of an article written by R.

Stuart for a Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies newsletter. In an article titled Entheogenic Sects and Psychedelic Religions, Stuart discusses various psychedelic religions founded in the United States, including those that involved communal living arrangements and writes that: In the late s near Los Angeles, a group had the LSD-inspired belief that all life had equal value. They became fruitarians who ate only fruit that had fallen to the ground.

This group was led by folk musician Mel Lyman, who supposedly, in a Manson-like fashion, had declared himself to be 10 pages essay how many words In his bob marley research paper thesis The Autobiography of a World Savior, Lyman claimed that he came from another planet and had been sent to Earth to restore humanity to its bob marley research paper thesis balance.

Rolling Stone printed a scathing and highly critical two-part cover story written by David Felton about the Lyman Family commune. In that article, Felton charged that Mel Lyman was a Charles Manson-like leader who bob marley research paper thesis his followers though psychedelic drugs, mind control and fear.

It has been observed that LSD can make the person under its influence vulnerable to the influence of a second party. Despite the obvious material gains of the communards — or perhaps because of them — they came under increasing attack. Only a couple of years earlier, the nation had been horrified by the ritual murders committed on the West Coast by communal disciples of Charles Manson. Bya grim skepticism about alternative lifestyles had permeated America.

Critics of Fort Hill life began to suggest that Lyman was the Manson-like center of a dangerous personality cult. As ofthe Lyman group was still together, having amassed quite a sizeable fortune through real estate holdings and a home remodeling business.

Mel Lyman died in under circumstances that still remain a mystery. Many hippies and other idealistic young people seeking a new spirituality were lured into these groups, many of which were — or later became — genuinely dangerous. Major examples of this were those films and Broadway plays that featured Jesus freak soundtracks and themes, such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell. The music created within the Jesus freak movement has now morphed into what is the contemporary Christian music of today.

Hippies who gravitated toward the Jesus freak movement also tended to remain somewhat anti-establishment to some degree. The Jesus freak correct my punctuation began to receive major publicity in America beginning around with the press reporting bob marley research paper thesis events as hippies being baptized in rivers or in the ocean, Jesus freaks acting as tuned-in counterculture street preachers, and the publishing of hippie Christian newsletters.

Lindsey, a conservative Christian fundamentalist, published The Late Great Planet Earth at the height of the Cold War, warning that Biblical prophecy pointed toward an invasion of Israel by the former Soviet Union, an act that he believed would trigger the Battle of Armageddon in the form of World War III, the last war on the face of the earth. The Late Great Planet Earth, written in a style that bob marley research paper thesis common language and which read almost like an action novel, became the best selling book of the decade, with bob marley research paper thesis 15 million copies sold.

She looks forward to a long association with NJ Rep. In Long Branch, NJ. Thanks to Mark and Jen. The Seven Deadly Sins. Jane has performed three original solo shows at the Metropolitan Playhouse.

Other NYC shows include: Dara is a proud member of Actors’ Equity. Some regional theatre credits include: liberal arts and business literature review Miller Melissa recently appeared opposite F.

She made her Broadway debut in Tartuffe Roundabout Theatre. Joseph is a member of Quicksilver Radio Theatre. The Queen Best of Fest: Robert is an award-winning audiobook narrator, as well as a photographer, writer, director and prize-winning playwright. He has received international acclaim for his ongoing photo essay on long-married couples in America, entitled As Long As We Both Shall Live, which has been touring worldwide since Excerpts can be viewed at http: Brad Holbrook Went to college on an acting scholarship, but got distracted by the promise of actually making a living in TV news.

After almost 25 years of anchoring newscasts at five terribly bob marley research paper thesis TV stations, including ones in Boston and New York City, Holbrook returned to acting inat about the same time that the Internet killed TV news. Holbrook has appeared on New York City stages many times, mostly in boxy black-walled rooms with impeded views, but bob marley research paper thesis in larger venues, including at least one Off-Broadway house.

Dreams of performing in a Broadway musical are likely to go unrealized, at least partially because he is not qualified. She was also nominated for a International Voicey Award for Best Female Voice for her work as a bob marley research paper thesis artist.

Summer can be seen and heard in hundreds of national television and radio commercials, and has also voiced many characters in cartoons such as: Criminal Intent, Delocated, Kings.

Find Summer online at: Someone’s Watching Discovery ID. She is a member of Less Than Rent Theatre. Elena Araoz New York: He performed in three regional tours of the civil-rights play Road to Freedom, bob marley research paper thesis by Theater Garden, a leader in educational theatre in the New York City area.

Trey currently stars as the hapless, bumbling Harold Bregman in the award-winning internet series, Ain’t That Life check it out online at www.

He holds a M. Schreiber Studio and Theatre in Manhattan. Proud member of Actors’ Equity Association. He bob marley research paper thesis make his Film debut in the Indi feature Blue Collar Boys to be released this year and his television credits Costco wholesale business plan TV and films include his appearance as Chuckie on the « Sopranos », the indie feature « Swoon » and the title role of Abraham in the indie feature « Daniel And Abraham » bob marley research paper thesis he also co-wrote and co-produced.

She is a middle school student and has been performing since age 7. Tina has appeared in several feature and short films including Adam, My Little Demon and Deliverance.

Her latest feature film, Dishonorable Vendetta, is due to be released later this year. Thanks to the NJ Rep family for this amazing opportunity, to Mom and Dad for their love and support and to Ralph Colombino for his support and dedication to young performers. For more about Tina please visit www. She is excited to be playing Kayla in Release Point. She has had the pleasure of performing in about 25 productions in area theatres.

Felicia has had a successful print modeling career in and around NYC. She has cover letter for entry level healthcare administration on a toy box, a billboard ad in Times Square, in a few magazines and several clothing catalogs. She has been an extra in a couple of movies and a commercial. She had the distinguished honor of performing in a few student films for NYU students.

Felicia would like to thank her parents and grandparents for believing in her every step of the way. She would also like to thank her little sister Isabella for keeping a smile on her face. Felicia would like to thank her teachers who taught her everything about acting, especially Debby Schwartz and Todd Aikens. But most importantly, Felicia would like essay proofreading service thank New Jersey Repertory for giving her this amazing opportunity.

She is 11 years old and will be entering 6th grade at Maple Place School in Oceanport. Gillian started her acting career at the age of 5. Gillian is a member of Mini-Misfits Theater Company.

She studies acting at Actor’s Playground. She would like to thank her mother, brother and family for all their love and support. Gillian is thankful to Ralph Columbino and her Actor’s Playground family for their encouragement and enrichment. She has studied for the past five years at Count Basie Theatre’s Performing Arts Academy and has performed in many of their seasonal showcases.

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In addition, she was a voice bob marley research paper thesis in A Thousand Clowns recording session. She has also served as the MC for their Variety Show. She continues to take acting and vocal classes and thanks all of her teachers for their guidance.

Laura would like to thank her family and friends for all their love and support and thanks the NJ Repertory for this incredible opportunity. She is thrilled to perform at the NJ Rep and thanks the theater for this bob marley research paper thesis opportunity. Isabel would also like to thank Markham’s school play director, Ms.

Files, as well as her singing coach, Emily, her great friends in Little Silver and her loving parents for the endless encouragement and support. She is 12 years old and just completed 7th grade. Her film credits include numerous student and Indie films. She has been training in theatre since the age of 9 at Actors Playground School of Theatre and danced with Monmouth Performing Arts Company for many years. Emily would bob marley research paper thesis to thank her family and Ralph Colombino for their support.

She also thanks the NJ Rep for this exciting opportunity. Michael is also an avid improv performer, being featured in the long form improv troupe PGP Improv and the bob marley research paper thesis form improv troupe Full Circle Improv as well as a founding member the film group Another Cup Films.

Gotham, Nurse Jackie, Unforgettable, Zombies: Paula currently teaches theater at Monmouth University. Proud member of AEA! Most recently Dan played the lead roles in developing two new plays at the Actors Studio new works series; « Sirocco » by John Jiler and « St.

Brandon’s by Fred Pezzulli. Dan is an extremely versatile actor who is as equally passionate for drama as he is with comedy, the classics as he is with contemporary; that said, what he enjoys bob marley research paper thesis is the development of new works and has appeared in dozens of staged readings and workshops on both the east and west coasts.

Please feel to reach Dan at: Film credits include Book of Lore and Five Trips. Dan is also an aspiring Playwright. Will James Nash Off-Broadway: Thomas Layman Thomas Layman has been working in theater and film for the past five years. He would like to thank the cast, crew and his family for their support. She currently resides in New York City. Evgeniya Radilova Evgeniya Radilova is an actress from Bulgaria.

She gained a lot of experience starting at a very young age. She was Usps business plan by a mother- actress and a father- director.

She graduated with honors from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and was invited back to be a part of their Company.

Since then she has appeared Off-Broadway, joined Actors Equity and appeared in independent movies. In addition, she started her own theatre company where she produces work that focuses on political events. For detailed information you can visit: Please visit her website at www. He received his B. Drama from Carnegie Mellon University.

Kate is also a director most recently directing The Taming of the Shrew in Dallas set in the ‘s with 50’s doo wop music.

Some of her other favorite roles include: She has appeared in improv, sketch comedy, and a little stand-up but only sitting down. Theatre credits include L. Before California, Josie was often seen in Buffalo’s Shakespeare in Delaware Park where she returned to play Lady Macbeth in an award winning, all female production inand performed at The Kavinoky in Rock-n-Roll in The early period of his career reached a pinnacle when he played the lead role opposite Julie Harris on Broadway in the hit comedy Forty Carats.

biographical narrative essay courage then starred in the teleplay version of The Prodigal, a modern-day adaptation of the story of Orestes.

He has acted in bob marley research paper thesis theater, appearing in classics such as: Peter has performed in new works over his career. He originated the role of the quadraplegic boy in Ron Whyte’s Welcome to Andromeda, directed by Tom Moore; played a happy Brit escorting Holland Taylor on the town in Bob Barry’s Final Twist; as well as created his own bob marley research paper thesis show, Father Perfect, which draws upon his experience as a father of 3 children, Ava, Chelsea and Lucas.

He lives in various locations in the U. He sings and plays trumpet. Lorenzo Scott Lorenzo Scott started his acting career doing theatre and then added commercials, independent and feature films to his list of accomplishments. Recently, Lorenzo has been doing regional theatre in productions such as « The African Co. When not in a stage production or filming a commercial, film or television show Lorenzo can be seen as a print ad model.

He has appeared in ads for: In Rhinebeck, she was the gal in The Full Monty, who dunked the rolling roll of toilet paper in the man’s bathroom stall. Before finding her home in theater, her love took her to Florida where she attended FSU on a basketball scholarship, played in Europe, and bob marley research paper thesis to draw the deep innards of big buildings.

Day and night, she loves bumping into Brian, her great tall man who means the world to her. Someday she bob marley research paper thesis knit a great fisherman’s sweater. Right now, she runs Hearts Bend Landscaping. She is a member of Actors’ Equity Association. Excited to be bob marley research paper thesis in the New Jersey Repertory Company family! Nikki Starrett Nikki Starrett is an actress, singer and saxophonista.

Elliott’s commercial reel can be viewed on You tube-as elliott mayer commercial reel. Kristen is currently enjoying the nationwide release of her SxSW award winning feature film, Kumare: She is also a dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner and instructor. Her sincere interest in studying world religions and cultures flourished during her years at The University of Virginia, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa with degrees in Religious Studies and Spanish.

Mike was a guest star on television’s « Rubicon » and co-starred with Dawn McGee in the award-winning indie film Bobby Dogs. She grew up in Waynesboro, PA, juggling piano, harp and ballet lessons with chores on the family pig farm. At 16, she ran away to the big city to pursue her dream but she left a forwarding address, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Recent favorite credits include: She has spent much time in pay people to write essays writings and in experimental forms of theatre, dance, music.

She has always been a poet and is beginning to move those writings into film and onto stage. She’s won a few awards and been part of a few others including essay topics on texting and driving lovely from the Academy of Motion Pictures.

Burt Grinstead Burt Grinstead is thrilled to Thesis bachelor’s degree his role in this hysterical play and to become a part of such an awesome theatre. Burt would like to thank his family and friends for their support, love, and laughter. He is a founding member of Manhattan Theatre Source. He has appeared across the US and Canada in plays, musicals and cabaret. He is thrilled to be making his NJ Rep debut in Noir. He created the roles of Uncle Pumblechook and Mr.

He appeared with the Queen City Stage Company in Poughkeepsie in Greater Tuna in which he played ten characters and made costume changes.

Neal can be seen and heard all three lines worth in Woody Allen’s film Celebrity which recently netted him a residual check of four cents one of which had already been sent to the government.

He performed at the late lamented Carousel Theater in Oklahoma! Proud member Actor’s Equity Association. The Mod Musical, Nerds: The Who’s Tommy Mrs. Delocated on Adult Swim. Numerous concerts and workshops including most recent: European premiere of The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?

Vienna’s English Theatre, dir. Kaminsky is also an audiobook narrator, having recorded over 50 titles. Jon Erik is also a well-rounded musician who enjoys singing, songwriting, and playing guitar, piano and bass. He performs with Rockit at Count Basie Theater.

Benjamin Sterling Benjamin Sterling is an actor with extensive experience performing classical theatre as well as an improvisational comedian and instructor. Benjamin is a member of Actor’s Equity.

Williams John is thrilled to be making his debut at NJ Rep. He lives in Brooklyn and sends love and thanks to all his friends and family, especially his parents and his beautiful and relentlessly supportive wife Angie. Richard Zavaglia Richard Zavaglia is an accomplished director, gifted teacher and veteran actor of the bob marley research paper thesis and screen who has been in the business for over 40 years. In attendance were Lady Bird Johnson and many Washington dignitaries.

More of his credits can be viewed at IMDB. Phillips in How to write thesis hypothesis this fall. For bob marley research paper thesis information, www. Ray performed a one man show, The Male Intellect: Ray was also a founding member of the Bond Street Theater Coalition in which is a thriving company traveling the world to this day. Ray was also head writer and director for the Nickelodeon’s Weinerville.

He is proud to be making his third appearance at Is a systematic literature review qualitative or quantitative prestigious New Jersey Rep. Christopher Daftsios NJ Rep: Member of the once renowned Circle Rep Lab. University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Shenandoah, I Remember Mama. Victor Verhaeghe Recent film and TV work: He has written and starred in three musical comedies for the NY International Fringe Festival, including the most recent hit, The Doormen.

The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and Dodgeball: Additional film credits include: Through their charitable gift fund, « A Drop in the Bucket », she and husband, Richard Erickson, support a medical center in the Congo. They live in the Santa Monica Mountains with 5 horses, a donkey, 2 dogs and a 15 year old.


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