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Here you will find rooms offered by private landlords or commercial maastricht university sbe thesis. An alternative way to find housing on the private market is to browse the internet yourself for landlords or companies that offer furnished rooms, or for students who are looking for someone to maastricht university sbe thesis their room or apartment to. It is up to you to try and find a room on the private market, but if you do then keep the following in mind: NEVER transfer money in advance!

There are a lot of crooks in essay editing jobs world, trying to swindle you out of your money. No matter how desperate you are, always check the credentials of the person subletting the room. Your reservation at the Guesthouse is only possible for the period of your study in Maastricht, so not just for one week or month.

Once you have signed the contract you are entering a legally binding agreement between you and the Guesthouse, meaning that the International Relations Office at SBE cannot and will not interfere on your behalf in case of legal disputes.

Note that your online housing reservation form will be used to base your contract on; this will be waiting for you upon checking in. If you want to change the dates on the contract, do so well before you arrive. The Guesthouse will not let you change after arrival. See also the cancellation conditions university of manchester phd thesis binding the Guesthouse website.

It is never possible to shorten your contract! Please go to the website maastricht university sbe thesis the Guesthouse for the reservation form, addresses, rules and regulations, and information on the type of accommodation, prices etc.

The information listed on the Guesthouse website is binding. However, SSH is a totally separate legal

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Renting a room via SSH is entirely at your own risk; do not expect the maastricht university sbe thesis level of assistance or service as from the UM Guesthouse. Please note that the International Relations Office at SBE cannot and will not interfere on your behalf in case of problems, issues or even legal disputes, neither with the UM Guesthouse, MaastrichtHousing, SSH, HousingAnywhere, nor with the corporations and private persons, students or landlords linked to MaastrichtHousing or otherwise.

Instead, consult with your own lawyer or the Student Law Agency. Or contact the Housing Maastricht university sbe thesis. Before you maastricht university sbe thesis, make sure you have your passport on your desk, as you have to enter the exact data that are in your passport. After you have completed the application for a UM Account you will receive an email sent to the email address you provided online containing the UM user ID and password which you need for the application to SBE and to access your Maastricht university sbe thesis Email account.

To check your UM e-mail go to the Student Portal. If you do not immediately upload the requested documents your student exchange application will be delayed. If you are a student who needs a visa to enter the Netherlands, this also means your visa application will be delayed. Courses code explanation EBC If you do not meet these requirements you will not be allowed to register for the course.

You are responsible for making sure you have the requisite knowledge follow courses that state certain pre-requisites. Introductory This course gives an introduction to the subject. Intermediate You can only choose this course if you have prior knowledge about the subject via a course offered at SBE, or a comparable course at your home university.

Advanced Very high level; you can only choose this course if you have extensive prior knowledge about the subject via a course offered at SBE, or a comparable course maastricht university sbe thesis your home university.

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Course descriptions Each course description in the database follows the same format. For questions you maastricht university sbe thesis contact the course coordinator via email. Course selection and changes At most universities you can change your courses in the first week of class. Not so maastricht university sbe thesis SBE: I learned so much during my first year in Maastricht and I wanted to share my experiences online writing services review little tips with others, so this was the perfect opportunity.

I met awesome people who made it really easy for my fellow guides and me to enjoy organising the community activities throughout the year.

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How can we take advantage of these opportunities to facilitate lifelong learning? Young people under education now will have maastricht university sbe thesis different jobs — and five of these do not exist today. Half of the jobs that exist today will disappear in years. To prepare for my new job, I started to Dutch Ik leer Nederlands already in the middle of February, six weeks before I started the job.

And I am using the DuoLingo app. This shows how easy it is to learn outside the traditional classroom and we should take note of this and also maastricht university sbe thesis PBL, the international classroom, and the Maastricht University Student Experience via technology.

Lifelong learning is a mind-set. It is a continuous and positive attitude towards learning and development both personally and professionally… often the distinction between professional and personal will vanish.


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